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Hi, all! Thought I would do a quick post on these new beauties I scored at the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale/Designer Sale. Please welcome the Vince Annalie Leather Ankle-Cuff Sandal!

I have been searching and searching for the perfect pair of minimalist heel sandal. I have really wide feet and my right foot is more sensitive because of my bunion which is why I am pretty picky with my shoes. Both Zara and Steve Madden has made (or still does) the minimalist heel sandal before but either my feet wouldn't go through the strap or the quality of the strap causes way too much discomfort on my bunion. There is also the Saint Laurent Jane sandals but the price is definitely up there. Nonetheless, I have finally found a pair that works for my feet!

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The Annalie sandals retailed for $395 and is now on sale at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus (in-stores and online). Nordstrom is having both the Taupe and Black on sale for $265 while Neiman Marcus has the Taupe for $296 and the Black for $318.

However, the catch to my pair was that I found a different size that were mispriced at $198. And lucky me, I was able to get my pair for $198! Although the Annalie's are different from your ordinary minimalist heel sandal because of the leather ankle-cuff, it definitely brings more edginess and looks amazing with skirts or shorts.

I find the height manageable and easy to walk in. The heel height is 3" without any platforms - can still be impractical for some people but there are some that are 4" without any platforms (like the Saint Laurent Jane's)! Made with leather, there are no sharp edges that will dig into your skin but more like sit on your skin. If my wide feet find these comfortable, then I can't imagine what anyone with better shaped feet would say about these.

Enjoy and have a wonderful evening, loves <3

Shop hard and don't forget to check out the end-of-season sales around you!

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