"All hail McQueen!"

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I am back today with a post about the Alexander McQueen Classic Silk Chiffon Skull Scarf.

I believe the first time I have ever heard of Alexander McQueen was from Lady Gaga's Bad Romance music video (I was either in 8th grade or 9th grade so I wasn't too into fashion yet), in which she was decked out in McQueen pieces.

Honestly, I was not a fan of the scarf at all - maybe because I'm not too keen on skulls and wearing skulls... ? But I guess over the years, seeing so many people incorporating the scarf into their wardrobe/outfits made me see a different side of the scarf and eventually falling in love with it. Plus after awhile, the idea of wearing skulls didn't really bother me because the print itself really wasn't scary... I have no idea why I reacted to it!

I currently own two scarves and good news is that: I did not pay full retail price! When I finally decided to invest in one, I decided to go with Beige. I thought I had too many dark clothes so if I had bought the scarf in Black, it would totally be pointless. And at the time (SS13 Collection was the current collection), there were just too many funky colors and I just wanted to stick with a neutral for my first. Anyways, I came across a Saks Fifth Avenue promo code of 25% off any full priced item. Surprisingly, Alexander McQueen was not excluded so I punched in the code during checkout and voila! After a couple of months, Neiman Marcus had a promotion going on - I believe it was with a purchase of $200+, you get $50 off. I didn't want to waste this opportunity since it's very rare for upscale department stores to do so. However, I had no idea what I wanted to get and as usual, many designer brands were excluded. Again, for some reason Alexander McQueen wasn't (maybe it's just small accessories? No clue). So yes, I decided to get another scarf but I had no idea what color so I opted for Black because you just can't go wrong with black!

Here are my two Alexander McQueen scarves in Beige/Ivory and Black/Ivory

Here are a few scarves in different colors to explain what I mean
(Source: Neiman Marcus)
Depending on what color you buy, each color can definitely change the whole style of the scarf and how the skulls are "brought out" (black/white, pink/yellow, etc.). Bright shades of course is more fun, bold, and definitely more of a statement piece that can be used to bring out a plain outfit or to contrast with other colors that are worn whereas neutral shades make the scarf more elegant.

There are many other styles besides the Classic Silk Chiffon Skull Scarf - all at different price points. Some have a bit of a fringe, priced at $445. This style in particular retails for $295, but if you don't need it right away then I highly recommend waiting for promo codes from either Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus. Sometimes Nordstrom would also have 25% off. A good place to check out sale Alexander McQueen scarves would be farfetch.com or net-a-porter.com when the season is ending. Seasonal colors will be on sale for a little over $200 (about 30% off). Just keep in mind that sale scarves will be seasonal colors and the last chance to purchase it before the color is considered "discontinued" versus promo codes will allow you to purchase classic colors as well.

Hope this post was helpful for those who plan to purchase one in the future!

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