REVIEW: CELINE Mini Luggage Tote in Souris

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I am back today with my very first handbag review! 

And it will be on the... *drumroll, please... Céline Mini Luggage Tote in Souris.

Read more for details on where you can purchase one, price points, and my overall thoughts. 

Mini Luggage Tote in Souris and Micro Luggage Tote in Jungle

After the brand was revamped by Phoebe Philo, Céline became one of the most desired brands. The Luggage Tote is one of the hardest Céline handbag styles to locate, especially from department stores. In addition to that, the Luggage Tote price has increased multiple times since 2010. From my research, the Luggage Tote was once $1,700 but in 2014, it costs at least $3,100.

Good news to those who are still trying to purchase one is that Luggage Totes are available and are almost always in stock in every Céline Boutique.

How I was able to locate mine was by calling the Céline Boutique. If you don't live near a boutique or even have one in your area, Céline offers "phone orders". Call the boutique, speak to a sales associate, and he/she will send pictures to you via email or text messaging. I had a positive experience from the Céline Boutique in Miami, Florida before so I purchased mine from there.

There are some who choose to purchase from department stores instead because of rewards or flexible return policy. However, Luggage Totes are almost never in stock in department stores and will always have a wait list. There are some reputable sales associate from department stores (mostly from Saks Fifth Avenue) on Instagram who posts new shipments so find your favorites and follow to stay updated.

Souris is such an indescribable color because based on the lighting, the color could look totally different. Don't take my word on this but Souris is French for "mouse", so I would assume that this color is based off of that - a dirty gray and sometimes dark beige. Souris is also the only color that has the contrast stitching, which in my opinion makes the whole bag stand out.

Now sizing and weight wise, the Mini is extremely large for petites. I am a petite at 5' 1" and this bag is just huge and a bit on the heavy side. I highly recommend petites to purchase the Micro instead of the Mini. If I had the chance to repurchase this then I would totally opt for a Micro.

Here is how the Mini looks on my petite frame
Instagram @missjesf

Sorry for this lengthy post but I do hope the information I provided was helpful and informative.

Thank you for reading, until next time!

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