ISABEL MARANT Bluebel Wedge Sneakers

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I have been away for far too long! Unfortunately I have decided to take on a course during my Summer break so I would have less on my Autumn quarter schedule but I'm kind of kicking myself for doing it because I would much rather relax.

I have recently found this gem at Nordstrom Rack and have already wore them out. I love them so much that I decided to do a reveal/review. 

Here are the Isabel Marant Bluebel in Taupe:
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I have always wanted to own a pair of Isabel Marant wedge sneakers but was never willing to spend over $700 on them. Wedge sneakers were definitely a huge trend last year and the year before but I wasn't sure if the trend would continue. Luckily, I stumbled across a pair at Nordstrom Rack for a reasonable price. The price wasn't a "to-die-for" deal but nonetheless, I was sold. Bluebel's retailed for $695 but the sticker price at Nordstrom Rack was marked down to $230. I figured spending $230 on designer sneakers were more reasonable for me than designer heels since I am in school most of the time. 

I am happy to have found these in Taupe because the two shades of taupe bring out the style and details instead of plain black. On top of that, taupe is a neutral as opposed to some of its bright, fun colors (coral, blue, etc.)! I also like how wears/scratches are not noticeable in taupe on suede leather compared to black. If there were signs of wear on black suede, spots of light gray or white would show. I have paired these with a pair of Rag & Bone skinny jeans and a Kooples white linen T-shirt. 

The heel height is 2.75" but when you're in sneakers, you just feel like you're in a pair of typical running shoes. The heel height is manageable and at an appropriate height - not steep enough to feel tiredness. I can't imagine these being uncomfortable unless you're wearing a size too small or too big. 

I think a pair of Isabel Marant's is a must! But definitely try finding it at a more reasonable price. Yes, they're quality sneakers but $700 might just be way too much. 

 Thank you for reading!

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