My Designer Shades from Nordstrom Rack

6:33 PM

Sharing a few pairs of designer sunglasses purchased from Nordstrom Rack!!

Nordstrom Rack often carries a ton of designer sunglasses from Tom Ford to Dior to Valentino. Prices are usually 60% off retail price (which is amazing if you're a collector of sunglasses). Also, Nordstrom Rack is the perfect place to find good quality sunglasses. It isn't often sunny here so browsing the sunglasses section isn't on top of my list when I visit the Rack. I do once in awhile if I have time on my hands but most of the time, I skip it. 

Before my recent finds, my go-to pair was the Prada 'Baroque' in Havana, which I paid a lot for. I got a discount at my local eyewear store but it was still in the mid-$200. But I thought: it's a classic, it'll never go on sale! Then at one point, I purchased a pair of Céline sunglasses which was almost $400 with tax. I couldn't justify paying that much for a pair of sunglasses so I eventually returned it after owning it for two weeks or so.

One day, I did have a lot of time on my hands so I did stop by the sunglasses section and to my surprise, came across Céline sunglasses! There were so many pairs I couldn't decide which ones I wanted. The ones I decided to purchase were these: 

Style number: 41030 and 41013
I'm not exactly sure what style these sunglasses are but there were other colors as well: blue and red. But I was lucky enough to find both styles in black. Both pairs were priced at $150; one pair retailed for $325 and the other one at $355. 

Unfortunately, not all sunglasses have their matching cases so I was given two Ray-Ban cases instead - large enough to fit. 

Awhile back, I also found a pair of these Prada 'Baroque' Round sunglasses. The pair I have is the square version and in Havana so these are technically different. I was shocked to see it available at the Rack because the Baroque is a classic and is still available for purchase at full price for $300. I was able to score these for $90!

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Thank you for letting me share!

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