Prada Lace-Up Combat Boot

10:35 AM

This was a purchase from the Nordstrom Designer Sale back in early December. I couldn't resist and it was during the Ten-Point Reward promotion so I figured I'll be getting some reward in return.

Here's a little backstory on my splurge...

Not the best photos because these photos were taken five years ago (I somehow found them in my Photobucket album!). One of my very first purchases from the Rack was a pair of Jeffery Campbell combat boots. I believe I was a sophomore (2010?) in high school and that was also the year when combat boots were in style. 

I was on a hunt for good quality ones and stumbled upon these. I thought $48 for Jeffrey Campbell's was a deal, especially from $240. But guess what? These rang up for A PENNY. Yes, this was a penny find! 

I lived in these throughout high school - extremely comfortable and went with almost every outfit. Unfortunately, I kind of grew out of them and the soles were getting thinner. I did eventually get Vibram on the soles but it didn't feel the same.

Ever since I got rid of my Jeffrey Campbell's, I have been hoping for a similar pair and for a good price (hard isn't it?). I really wanted to invest in a designer pair but designer boots are way out of my budget. Most cost at least $1,000 (and aren't the best looking ones either), which I can't justify in spending on shoes. 

Anyways, with that in mind, that is how I made my decision on purchasing these Prada combat boots when I saw them on the sale rack:

Probably one of the most expensive pair of shoes I own but I know I will get many wears from it. I find these boots to be a classic - black and simple. Many designer footwear has unique designs, including something like double-zippers or color-block, which isn't always flattering. But these are very discreet/understated and doesn't scream designer. 

What I love about these combat boots is the craftsmanship. The craftsmanship is phenomenal - from the stitchings to the coated lace for durability to the rubber sole instead of leather sole for longevity. In addition to that, the whole shoe is a buttery soft leather. With that being said, throughout wears, the boot will stretch and fit to the feet and feel even more comfortable.

As mentioned earlier, these were pretty pricey. I don't remember the exact price but it was in the $500s. Retail price was $990 and it looks like it is still available at Neiman Marcus (but for full price): Prada Cap-Toe Combat Boot with Strap

My style is definitely leaning more towards on the edgy side so these fit me really well (size and style wise!). 

Are combat boots your thing?

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