REVIEW: Chanel French Riviera Flap Bag

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I'm back for a bag review and today, it will be the Chanel French Riviera Flap Bag.

When purchasing your first Chanel, most would prefer the Classic Flap - whether it's the M/L, Jumbo, or Maxi. But prices for the Classic Flap has hiked up over the years. With Chanel's most recent price increase, a M/L Flap costs at least $4,900. With that being said, I decided to go with another piece as my first Chanel purchase. During my visit to my local Chanel boutique, I spotted a similar style for almost half the price.

Introducing the French Riviera Flap (medium):

The French Riviera Flap is definitely different compared to the Classic Flap but it still has Chanel's signature features: leather quilting, leather-intertwined chain straps, and a "CC" turnlock. Although the French Riviera Flap isn't made with the finest materials (which explains the lower price tag), I find it much more practical than the Classic Flap. I would say the Classic Flap is more of a luxury piece, a piece of art, etc. - a piece in which you would want to put it on display in a case.

Here is a brief comparison between the two styles:

French Riviera Flap
Classic Flap

I am happy to have gone with the French Riviera Flap as my first purchase. My favorite feature about this particular style is the grained leather. Compared to the traditional lambskin, I don't have to baby the bag as much. In addition to that the interior lining is fabric, therefore the overall structure of the bag is less stiff than the Classic Flap (with leather interior).

For the size (measuring at: 11" x 7" x 2"), I am able to carry my essentials: a cellphone, a long or short wallet, a pair of sunglasses (or other items similar in size). Again, since the bag is a bit on the softer side, you can slightly overstuff (squeeze in a small cosmetic bag or a coin purse) the bag without damaging its structure (or make any sorts of dents). Additionally, there are three compartments: an interior zipper pocket, the main compartment, and an exterior compartment.

There are four different ways to wear the piece:

1. Pull the straps all the way inside and easily make it into a clutch.

2. Pull both straps out to make it into a shoulder bag (also a suitable length to carry on the forearm).

3. Pull only one of the straps and make it into a long-strap shoulder bag.
4. Use the long-strap way and wear the bag cross body.

(Yes, this length surprisingly works as a cross body as well!)
Price I purchased at: $2,600
With Chanel recent price increase, a French Riviera Flap is at: $2,900.

Purchase yours at your local Chanel boutique - this style is marked as "seasonal; I have seen it during the Cruise and Fall Collection.

Overall, I do recommend the French Riviera Flap to those who are looking to purchase a Chanel but don't want to pay $5,000 for a bag.

I hope you guys found this review helpful. Stay tuned for more bag reviews!

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  1. When did they hike up the price?? I see you got it in Jan. Does it come in a bigger size?

    1. I purchased this actually a year ago, which was at $2,600. The price-increase price is $2,900 which is still current (prices for the Riviera has not changed this year). And yes, this does come in a larger size! I do not know the measurements but this one is the "Medium" so the larger one is the "Large" French Riviera Flap. Hope this helps! :)

  2. Hi can i check which currency is the 2900 refering to?

  3. Is this available in the boutiques? I absolutely love this more than the classic but it's not available in Singapore

    1. Yes, the French Riviera Flap should be available in boutiques but it depends on the season.