How I Cured My Acne + Maintaining Healthy Skin

3:46 PM

Sharing some of my products that has helped me get rid of my acne and how I am currently maintaining "acne-free" skin.

I have spent a ton of money investing in products to get rid of my acne and a lot of the products I tried out either were not effective or only stopped it temporarily. So after many years, I finally found some products that were effective and I would like to share/recommend to others.

I have always suffered from acne throughout my teenage years (started in fifth grade and was one of the earliest out of the other teenagers to get acne in middle school). I am happy to say most of it is finally gone though. I occasionally get a few zits here and there due to make-up but my acne has definitely calmed down over the past years.

Maintaining clean and healthy skin is a must. By doing so, it will help reduce current acne and prevent future acne. I highly recommend washing your face twice a day (AM and PM). I personally like to cleanse my face with a lightweight product in the morning. A lightweight product will only help get rid of the treatment that was applied the night before but not strong enough to entirely strip off the oil you produced overnight. Additionally, four out of the seven days, I like to do a masque or exfoliate while in the shower because the steam helps open up your pores so the product will be extra effective. Then at night, I use a stronger, thicker cleanser because of the dirt and bacteria I have collected throughout the day.

I have really oily and non-sensitive skin, therefore, my skin can handle a lot of harsh ingredients. With that being said, it is probably one of the reasons why some of the treatments worked better for me because other types of acne-prone skin may have to deal with dryness.

Most products can be purchased from Sephora (except a few I noted from elsewhere). I prefer to purchase skincare products at Sephora because of the return policy. I understand not all products are effective and not all are suitable for everyone's skin type.

My very first "big" investment was the Clarisonic, which at the time was $250 (I think? But the current price is a lot lower) because I had chosen the Plus and the Clarisonic had just come out. But the Clarisonic really changed my skin and is still my favorite tool. Sometimes dedicating a minute or two to cleanse your face really does make a huge difference compared to a 30-second wash with your hands.

I will always recommend the Clarisonic.


  • Kate Somerville - Purify Clarifying Cleanser ($34.00)
    • This is my go-to morning cleanser because the formula is light and suitable for daily use. I find that there is a cooling sensation, which I personally love because it is refreshing and perfect for the morning (especially when you are trying to wake up). 
  • Glamglow - Supercleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser ($39.00)
    • I was sold when this product came out because of the "mud-to-foam" formula. Mud skincare products are great for acne-prone/oily skin but most are usually in a masque form so this cleanser was a must for me. I like to use this as my nighttime cleanser because the formula is able to get rid of bacteria/dirt from the day. 
  • NARS - Purifying Foam Cleanser ($29.00)
    • I just like to use a more luxurious product on days I don't use a treatment while I shower and this is what I have been using. I actually purchased mine for $12.99 at my local Marshall's. Honestly, I will probably not repurchase so I can try other foam cleansers but don't get me wrong, this product does its job. 

  • Dr. Brandt Skincare - Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant ($78.00)
    • This product was recommended to me when I asked for a deep exfoliator (an exfoliator that can get rid of clogged pores, not just dead skin) and surprisingly, it does actually work. I was a bit skeptical at first because of the price-tag but it is one of the best exfoliators I have tried. The "crystals" are tiny enough to really remove clogged pores (sometimes bumps on the cheeks due to makeup). 
  • Laura Mercier - Flawless Skin Face Polish ($32.00)
    • If you do not need a deep exfoliator then this product does its job. This was enough for me to get rid of dead skin before I started using makeup and getting clogged pores. 

  • Josie Maran - Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment ($56.00)
    • Although I have really oily skin, I do tend to get dry patches during the winter time. A lot of moisturizers don't work for me (either too light or too thick) so a few drops of this does it for me. This product is definitely more of a luxurious product rather than to fight acne.
  • Laneige from Target - Balancing Emulsion ($28.00)
    • This is the only moisturizer that is really "oil-free" and doesn't make me feel greasy, even with makeup on. I have tried other "oil-free" moisturizers and I still get oily. 

  • Laneige from Target - Power Essential Skin Toner ($25.00)
    • My all-time favorite toner. A lot of toners make me feel greasy within half an hour of application, however, this product holds up and I stay oil-free... Maybe not for a whole day but longer than other toners I have used. 

  • Kate Somerville - EradiKate Acne Treatment ($24.00)
    • This is a spot treatment rather than an all-over treatment - perfect when you have only one or two zits. The clear liquid on top is alcohol I believe (because it smells like it) and the pink substance at the bottom is sulfur, which is the ingredient that really dries out the zit and calms the inflamed pore. Without shaking, just dip a cotton swab in the product and dot it on your zits. It is a treatment I prefer to use overnight but could be used during the day.
  • from - Benzoyl Peroxide ($12.05 - $37.38)
    • I discovered this product when I started the Regimen Kit. None of the products really worked for me except this treatment. This is the treatment that has gotten rid of my acne scars. Although my acne was gone, I still had acne scars on my face (which is when I started using makeup to coverup). It is a really strong/harsh product so I don't recommend using it everyday (maybe every other day or every two days), however, I do for my back and chest acne. Results aren't seen right away but my acne scars did lighten up within a week after using this product! *Not pictured
  • Peter Thomas Roth - AHA/BHA Acne Clearing Gel ($54.00)
    • This treatment is more suitable for sensitive skin and everyday use compared to the Benzoyl Peroxide treatment mentioned above because the formula is much lighter. Since this treatment isn't as strong, I tend to use this when my acne scars are almost entirely faded. I began to see results in two weeks, which is a bit longer compared to the BP treatment. 
  • Peter Thomas Roth - Therapeutic Sulfur Masque/Acne Treatment Masque ($40.00)
    • This is my all-time favorite masque. The sulfur in the masque not only helps mattify oily skin but also dry out zits. I always feel like my pores are extremely clean after washing off the product, too. Also, this treatment is very effective during the summer time for oily skin because it definitely helps control the oiliness. 
All recommendations are based on my personal experience so I can't speak for all but I do hope this post was helpful for those who haven't heard or tried any of these products.

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