Nordstrom Rack Haul (January - February)

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Back with another haul from Nordstrom Rack because when am I not there?

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Sharing some of my most recent purchases from Nordstrom Rack over the month and January. A new season is rolling in, which only means new merchandise at the Rack. Here are some of the new stuff I picked out:

  • Maje 'Elyana' Mesh Bomber Jacket in White and Alexander McQueen Skinny Cropped Jeans
    • Although the Maje jacket was a bit dirty around the collar (probably from people trying it on) the deal was just too good - originally retailed for $480 but the markdown price was $30
    • On top of my Maje find, I also stumbled across a pair of Alexander McQueen jeans that were actually in my size. There weren't any original tags, which is probably why many people looked pass it. Can't believe the original price was $520 but went down to $78 (about the same price I would spend on other denim brands). I love the skull detail and the subtle stripe on the side. I do wish the hip area was more fitted though. 

  • Prada Raso T-Strap Sandal
    • I really do think the price is missing a "1" in the front because I could not believe it when I saw these for $80. It is so rare Prada goes down to that price, especially when it retailed for $950. I find these sandals super fun. I especially love the leather ankle wrap! I found these in the 5.5 row but luckily these are a size 36.5 because I fit better in 6.5 than a 5.5. 

  • Saint Laurent Cat Lace-Up Ankle Boots, BLK DNM 'Jeans 22', and 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli in Blush. 
    • Owning something from Saint Laurent has always been on my list so I this was a must even though it is a size 38! If you have seen my previous shoe posts, I am usually a size 35.5 up to 37 so 38 is really pushing it. Luckily I have wide feet and these are pointy so it isn't a true size 38. Plus, I plan to wear fluffy/wool socks, which changes these to a size 7 fit. The things you do for last chance clearance items... Originally retailed for $795 and was marked down to $250 but I had an extra 25% off, therefore was $188.
    • My very first pair of BLK DNM and for $45. I have always seen BLK DNM in the Via C department in Nordstrom but are a bit pricey. I am not sure how much these specifically retailed for but most are from $190 to $215, which is why I had to purchase these! 
    • My favorite purchase from my trip: a 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli in Blush. It's crazy how I was just thinking that I should incorporate more blush pieces in my wardrobe since Spring is approaching. The blush shade isn't even shown through these pictures (it's definitely more pink in person). Scored it for $296 and retailed for $895. 

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  1. Super jealous of your pashli find! Been lusting over one for the past year and I can't believe you got it for such an amazing price! Amazing find!

    1. Thank you!! I'm sure you'll come across one in the future :)

  2. Hi Jes ! What Nordstrom Rack do you go to? By the way love your blog I'm so happy I found you !!

    1. Thank you so much! And I go to almost all locations here in Washington. I have found at least one good thing from each location before :)