REVIEW: CELINE Trio in Python/Black

12:48 PM

Today's bag review will be on the Small Céline Trio:

Pouches connect by snap buttons
Front and back pouches can be separated
The Trio consists of three pouches connected by snap buttons. The front and back pouches can be disconnected to be used as separate pouches or the middle pouch can be used as a single cross body bag.

At the time, I was itching for another Céline but didn't have enough funds for another Luggage Tote. I thought, why not the Trio? Most Trios come in solid colors and in smooth leather, but as you already know, I am not a huge fan of smooth leather. Don't get me wrong, Céline's leather quality is amazing, which is why I am always hesitant to purchase smooth leather because of its delicacy.

Upon my visit to my local Nordstrom, I saw this particular Trio I have never seen before. There was python skin on the front and back pouches while the middle pouch was just black smooth leather. I didn't mind the smooth leather in this case since it was in the middle. Trio prices have just increased at the time so I was a bit bummed that I missed the previous price, however, this one was priced lower.

Priced at $980
The Trio is very functional surprisingly. Due to the softness of the leather, each pouch can be stretched a bit to accommodate the amount of stuff being carried. Although the Trio is functional, there are a few things to worry about. I have experienced a couple of times in which the pouches easily disconnect with each other just from tugging the pouch a bit (from grabbing my wallet, etc.). Additionally, there has been a lot of complaints that the strap falls apart. Thank goodness I have not experienced that yet but I have noticed some cracks on the glue of the strap, therefore I try to move the straps in a way that won't damage the glue any further. With that being said, there is a possibility that the straps may come off based on how you wear/treat your bag.

A piece of white thread peeking out of the cracked glue. If not treated with care and the more white threads are exposed, there is a possibility the strap will disconnect.

Faux Python Skin

I do admire the style behind the Trio and am lucky to have come across the Trio at a lower price. But... I do not think I would pay more than what I paid for another Trio. At the current Trio price, there are other Céline options, such as a small Cabas Tote or maybe even another designer bag.

Small Trio price: $1,050 with measurements: 8.5" x 6" x 2"
Large Trio price: $1,200 with measurements: 9.75" x 7" x 2"

Hope this review was helpful for those who planned on investing in a Trio or wanted to know more about this particular style!

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  1. nice bag dear
    i am your new follower, please follow back

  2. I saw one on sale used for about $630 and I was sooo debating it. I've actually just been googling Celine Trio reviews and that's how I came across your site. It's not in the best condition, some color transfer on the back and some scratches on the leather but every review I've read has kind of convinced me not to get it. Apparently the leather quality just isn't there.


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    1. I think you should pass on the Trio you're seeing on sale. Although it is a good price for a Céline, the Trio really is my least favorite Céline style. You can definitely see the scratches overtime and the straps are not durable for a cross body. I suggest finding another designer bag around that price range or saving for another style!

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