New in: Goyard St. Louis Tote in Black

11:53 AM

Another bag crossed off my wish-list.

Here is my very first Goyard purchase: the St. Louis Tote (PM) in Black.

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In most of my posts, I usually start off with my story on how I decided to purchase whatever but to be honest, this purchase wasn't necessary... it just so happened. With that being said, let's just skip ahead on how I made my purchase. Goyard isn't exactly rare or hard-to-find but the pieces are more exclusive and are only sold at its boutiques and selected department stores depending on location (Barneys New York, Neiman Marcus, and Bergdorf Goodman); specific locations and contact information can be found on Goyard's website. Since the department stores here don't carry the brand nor is there a Goyard boutique here, I did most of my research online. So, I hope my post can provide additional information based on my experience to those who are curious and plan to make a purchase.

I decided to purchase my Goyard from the San Francisco boutique due to no sales tax. I have both Barneys and Neiman Marcus here so purchasing from either store would cost me a bit more. I could have purchased from Bergdorf Goodman but I wasn't too happy with my previous experience. Goyard boutiques, like Céline boutiques, take orders via email or phone. I wasn't in a rush to purchase and didn't have the time to talk on the phone so I decided to email the store. I do recommend calling if you have questions about different styles because you will get a quicker response. Email was efficient for me since I already knew most of the information and which style I was interested in.

I received a reply the next business day and the email from the SA was extremely friendly, detailed, and informative. The SA, Lucio, included prices and attached documents and images of the bag along with color options. Goyard offers personalization, which I opted out; the service takes an additional four weeks along with additional costs. After telling Lucio my choice, I was sent a credit card authorization form, which I filled out, scanned, and attached to my reply. There is a shipping fee if purchasing from the boutique. My shipping fee was $45, which is still a lot less compared to the sales tax I would have paid if I purchased from a department store with no shipping costs.

The St. Louis Tote in Black with Black leather is $1,200. Black monogram canvas with Tan leather is also $1,200, however, any other colors, including Red, Gray, Green, Yellow, Orange, White, or Blue are $1,560. These colors are considered "special colors".

Overall, I had a positive experience with the San Francisco location and highly recommend purchasing from here. My bag arrived in three business days and was wrapped nicely. Unfortunately, I forgot to request a gift box so I didn't receive one. So don't forget to request one if you want a complete package.

Did I mention that the tote is REVERSIBLE?

I will be most likely posting a review after some wears and a comparison to the Louis Vuitton's Neverfull.

Hope this post was helpful. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Very nice and informative. What is the size? I think I like the black you chose. The tax was waived... Because you are out of state? I'm in CA, so curious. Was planning on the BH Neiman location but..reconsidering based on your nice post. Will look for your NFull comparison

    1. Thank you–I'm glad you found this post helpful! This is the small. The tax was waived because I am out of state and have no Goyard boutique here. I believe CA residents will have to pay the sales tax. Overall, I do recommend the boutique over department stores because I feel like you get to have the full experience!