SSENSE Haul + Experience

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Back for another post! Doing pretty good, right? Two posts in two days especially since I was on hiatus throughout spring quarter.

Anyways, today's post is yet another haul! Sharing my purchases and shopping experience from SSENSE, a Canada-based boutique with a great selection of contemporary and high-end designer items. 

My first purchase from SSENSE was the Givenchy Rottweiler iPhone case last year, which is how I found out about the retailer. At the time I was desperate for the phone case and was willing to get it from anywhere. Luckily SSENSE was legit. 

Recently, I have been obsessed with Frame Denim after purchasing my first pair from Nordstrom. Frame Denim seems popular and/or retailers just stock a limited amount throughout seasons. I can never find my size, especially when marked down! However, I was able to find some Frame Denim on sale at SSENSE and in my size. 
Frame Denim's quality is amaaaazing; the denim is very sturdy and thick. The styles and sizing works well with my body shape and its distress quality is stunning. 

In addition to the Frame Denims, I also purchased the Isabel Marant 'Holden' slides. I was surprised to see the markdown because the 'Holden' slides were extremely popular when released last summer and have been available all year-round (meaning not a seasonal item).  

The sandals were marked down to $347 from $495. 

The wide, crisscross leather straps are such unique features and did I mention comfortable? 

*Update: After a week's worth of wear, I found them on sale at Nordstrom for $297... (but with tax, the total would have been about the same, phew!). 

I personally had a positive shopping experience from SSENSE's website despite some of the negative reviews online; I seemed to have experienced the opposite of the online reviews. Shipping was fast (received my order exactly three days later), customer service was excellent (I got a reply from CS via email after 10 minutes from submitting). In addition, there were no sales tax/shipping fee on my orders, 

However you will experience some problems if you are purchasing from the States. You must notify your bank when purchasing because my credit card was declined since this was considered an out-of-country purchase. Also, depending on your bank there will be a foreign exchange fee charged to your credit card even though you were viewing your purchases in USD. I was charged 3% of my total by Bank of America. In my opinion, paying the foreign exchange fee is less than what I would have to pay for sales tax here.

Overall, I do recommend SSENSE, especially if you are into contemporary designer brands and/or streetwear; their stocks are totally edgy and unique. 

Be sure to check out their sale - still going on now!

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