New in: Givenchy Mini Pandora

9:35 PM

Here is today's quick post on my newest bag addition!

For those of you who follow me on Instagram (@missjesf), you would have already seen my new Givenchy... but if you don't follow me, here's my newest baby:

the Givenchy Mini Pandora in Anthracite in Pepe Leather

Silver-tone hardware
Crinkled leather details
Adjustable straps
Outer compartment is perfect for lip products, bus passes, receipts, etc.
I honestly never thought I would add another Givenchy Pandora to my collection especially with my experience with the Small Pandora but the Mini Pandora Kim Kardashian had made me reconsider...

The one Kim Kardashian is carrying is croc-embossed on suede leather, which was once sold on Barneys New York's website (now sold out). Source: Google Images
Anthracite wasn't a color I had in mind but seeing it in person at Barney's made me forget all the other color options. Plus, the textured leather creates different shades of taupe, which makes the bag unique. This season's Pepe is paired with silver hardware so against the many shades of taupe, the bag makes a great piece for the upcoming season although the combination is great for all year-round.

Other colors that were available at the Seattle location (including classic colors and selections from this season)
Mini Pandoras run from $1,150 to $1,225; $1,150 for Pepe leather (textured lambskin) and $1,225 for  Sugar leather (goatskin). 

You can get my Mini Pandora on Neiman Marcus' website. Although I found mine at Barneys, it is not listed on its website. Nordstrom is only carrying Black and Deep Blue (midnight blue) for this season (I know because I asked before I went to Barneys, lol!).

Well this concludes my quick info post on the Mini Pandora. Thank you for reading as always!


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