Fall 2015: Turtleneck Edition Pt. 1

2:00 PM

A couple of updates:

  • I have recently rearranged my whole bedroom set-up so I now have a good space to take better blog photos and do a whole lot more outfit posts (finally)
  • I have switched over to the Olympus PEN E-PL7, which is so much more convenient than my Canon t3i 
Overall, I'm ready to bring some new content to the blog! Some of you guys have already seen a couple of outfit posts on Instagram. 

Now that Fall has finally arrived, I thought I would start a new series. For the next couple of weeks, I plan on doing posts on wardrobe essentials for the season. So for today, I put together a simple outfit with one of my favorite sweaters.

Outfit details:
There are so many ways to wear a turtleneck and one of the ways I prefer when transitioning from summer to fall is wearing it over a dress. Since dresses aren't stored and the temperature drop isn't quite that much yet, a sweater over a dress is perfect. 

Tip: Rolling up the sleeves can add a bit more detail to a knit. It is also a lot comfier for those who have smaller wrists (aka me). Then I usually like to pull up my sleeves a little bit so the arms look a bit puffier (similar to the sleeves of a bomber jacket). This is also great if you wear a lot of bracelets.

Will be back with part 2 very soon. Thank you for reading!


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