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My essential in my wardrobe has got to be a leather jacket. Something about leather jackets get me all the time. I think it's because the leather instantly makes the piece luxurious and yet gives off a bada** vibe. I especially love the motorcycle/biker style for that reason. Some of you may know that I just recently splurged on a leather jacket so I thought I would dedicate a post to my collection and include some of my thoughts and details. Cheers to a lengthy post – let's begin!

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Note: Eight out of the nine pieces were all purchased from Nordstrom Rack!

• Marc By Marc Jacobs - 'Sergeant' Leather Jacket in Black
This was my very first designer leather jacket I splurged on in high school. I think I was only a sophomore and I was so pumped to own one made with 100% lambskin. Also at the time I was very much in love with Marc Jacobs/MBMJ. I don't exactly remember how much I paid but somewhere around $360? Happy to call this MBMJ leather jacket my starter piece.

• Topshop - 'Mirabelle' Faux Leather Jacket
No matter how much I love genuine leather, I think everyone should own at least one faux leather jacket.

What I love about faux leather jackets:
1. Not having to worry about damaging the leather/exterior due to hardwares from purses (like the Proenza Schouler PS11 I have) and occasionally sharp nails.
2. Because the leather is faux, the jacket overall is much lighter and provides the perfect warmth on those chilly summer days.

I personally love the faux leather jackets by Topshop. Not only because I love Topshop but I do think their faux leather jacket styles are stunning and the prices for the material/quality are reasonable.

• Topshop - Faux Leather Biker Jacket with Faux Fur Trim
This piece was definitely just for fun and it was such a good deal; I think I found it at the Rack for $45. Since I got it last mid-spring I wasn't able to wear it as much because the material does keep you warm so I'm looking forward to this winter.

Like I said earlier, check out Topshop faux leather jackets!
Fur detail
• CÉLINE - Mandarin Collar Leather Jacket in Burgundy
Uhm... this retailed for $3,600!! If you have been following me Instagram for awhile you would already know the story but if not, this is the story:

I was browsing through Nordstrom's Designer Collection one day and was just viewing Céline's most recent collection. I never really pay much attention to the apparel as much as I do to the handbags because the prices are not something I can easily afford (I would have to save two months worth, or more, just to buy a cashmere turtleneck sweater. Uhm, no thanks). So when I saw the price tag on this leather jacket, I immediately said I would much rather pay for a Luggage Tote. A couple days later, I spotted the same exact jacket for $399 at the Rack. I was extremely confused because it looked exactly the same but I couldn't identify the brand. As I looked more carefully, I saw that the care tag did in fact say "CÉLINE" but the label was no longer attached to the lining, which was probably the main reason why the jacket ended up at the Rack. I remember only having to pay $299 because of a $100 Nordstrom Note. The piece is so well made with such high quality leather that I still haven't really worn the piece (it is SO heavy).
"CÉLINE" crossed off with a black Sharpie
• The Kooples - 'Used' Leather Biker Jacket
Another favorite of mine because of the distressed details on the leather and because how "biker" it looks. You guys have seen this one plenty of times, especially from my Summer 2015 Essentials post. At first I did pay over $450 during one of the designer sales at Nordstrom but ended up finding it at my favorite store for $299 (pretty much $300 but $299 sounds better).

• Isabel Marant Étoile - 'Bacuri' Moto Jacket in Vintage Leather
A salesperson I knew from the Rack brought me to this piece when I was stalking the store that week for designer goodies. She notified me when she was bringing out a full rack of new merchandise. As I browsed the rack, my jaw dropped when I came across this piece. I absolutely love almost anything Isabel Marant after purchasing a plaid shirt by the designer. I believe this jacket was marked down to $390 but at the time I really didn't have the money to spend it on a leather jacket. Luckily, I found a $100 Nordstrom Note, which helped me a out a bit. Of course my mom wasn't all that excited with another leather jacket but sometimes you just have to do what you gotta do.

• McGinn - 'Hayden' Faux Leather Vest
For $20 I couldn't pass. I've seen the brand in the via C department at Nordstrom before so I knew it was something good. I couldn't exactly comprehend why people were passing on it but even though it was a size large, the oversize-ness (probably not a word) works well on me. I do hope to invest in a genuine leather motorcycle/biker vest in the future but I just haven't come across a nice one with a decent price yet. A leather vest is another great style to have because the piece does a lot to a simple solid tee outfit, which is my usual pairing.

• Diane Von Furstenberg - 'Cupcake' Leather Vest
This is a very old piece in the collection, probably as old as my MBMJ jacket. I don't gravitate towards the piece anymore because it's just a tad too feminine for my taste, especially the ruffles. I mean I do wear it once in awhile when I'm feeling a bit girly. This one was one of those Rack finds I couldn't pass up on because the markdown price was too amazing.
• Balenciaga - Classic Biker Jacket in Navy
Here is my most recent addition/splurge. I was so, so close to leaving this behind because it was $880 but my mom agreed that this was gorgeous. She and I both agree that this is the ultimate leather jacket. A couple years ago, I saw one at Neiman Marcus and I told myself I would own one one day (which was probably never considering how much it was). I still can't believe such a classic piece from the brand showed up at the Rack.
Originally retailed for $2,745!

I do want to add a suede leather jacket to my collection (this one in particular) but I probably won't be adding another one anytime soon after my large purchase. Leather jackets are totally versatile, easy to wear, and worth the investment. I think when one thinks of leather jackets, the motorcycle/biker style immediately comes to mind but really there are a ton of different styles out there that cater to every look, which is why I think leather jackets are totally worth it. If you're into boho, there are leather jackets with fringes. If you have a feminine taste, there are leather jackets with round collars or with a peplum waist. You guys get the drill, right? And my choice of style is of course the motorcycle/biker!

Before I conclude this post, I just wanted to mention that I recently learned about an app called: Spring. Spring is a great app if you're interested in contemporary brands/emerging designers and keeping up with trends. The app will feature all your favorites based on your preferences and not only can you view pieces from your favorite brands, but you can also discover new brands and learn new trends. The app is easy to use with its minimalistic design and layout. I highly recommend downloading the app and giving it a try!

↑ I think I will get a case from Casetify when I get a new phone...

I hope you guys enjoyed the post. Let me know what are your thoughts on leather jackets and please feel free to share with me your favorite leather jacket style in the comment section or on Instagram!


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