Chanel Extra Mini Flap in Action/REVIEW

1:00 PM

I am back today with a bag review featuring the Chanel Extra Mini Flap in Black Caviar leather with Silver hardware. I haven't done a bag review in awhile so I'm extremely thrilled to be putting this post together. 

The Extra Mini is the least common compared to other Chanel Flap bags, either because of Chanel's limited stock or size.

The Extra Mini Flap is a great alternative to a traditional clutch. I personally prefer the Extra Mini more than the WOC because of its design. Also, note that this is the Extra Mini Flap, not the Mini Flap. Yes, there is a difference and if I had known, I would have preferred the Mini. 

The Extra Mini Flap has the measurements of: 4" x 6.7" x 3". I can fit a couple of lip products, cards, and my iPhone 5S (or something similar in size). 

The current retail price is $2,400, a $400 price increase from 2013 (the year mine was purchased). I was able to purchase mine from Saks Fifth Avenue through a S5A sales associate I found on TPF via email. 

I hope this post/review was helpful, especially for those who have been curious about the Extra Mini Flap. Leave me any questions or feedback down below!

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  1. Love it , is there anyway that you can shoot me an email for S5A sales associate . I want purchase it over the phone since I'm in overseas right now . BTW you got good taste ....