Five Days in San Francisco

12:56 AM

Today I'm back with a travel post (a first on missjesf) and I'm sharing with you guys my recent mini-vacay to San Francisco! My friend and I spent five days in San Francisco and I have to say, we did a pretty good job of hitting almost all the popular tourist spots.

I hope you guys are all prepared for a picture-heavy post!

The first place we went to after we landed was In-N-Out, because it's a given when you set foot in California, especially for someone who has never had it before (aka me). And I wish I could have packed some back to Seattle! The milkshakes and fries were just ahh-mazing.

In just five days, we managed to visit:
  • Almost all the places to go as a tourist like Lombard Street/Russian Hills, Fisherman's Wharf, the Painted Ladies/Full House, Ocean Beach, Lands End, Bakers Beach, Palace of Fine Arts, and Twins Peaks. Just be sure to dress warm even though you're in Cali! 
  • Downtown, of course. Words can't describe how pretty every store looked, especially Emporio Armani. Surprisingly, I didn't do any shopping, but I stopped by a handful of stores that we don't have here.
  • San Francisco Premium Outlets, where I drooled all over discounted designer goodies. A Gucci outlet store and a Barneys Warehouse?! C'mon. 
  • Mr. Holmes Bakehouse with no line... but we also didn't get a cruffin.
  • Chinatown, which is on a whole different level than our Chinatown. 
  • Sausalito and had lunch at Bar Bocce with a stunning view of the water.
  • Boba Guys... three times during our stay because I couldn't get enough of their Hong Kong style milk tea! Nothing over here is even close to it.
  • San Jose and had a delicious Japanese meal for dinner at Fuji Sushi
I will definitely have to visit San Francisco again in the future (because it definitely has a place in my heart now) and walk the Golden Gate bridge, hang out in Mission District and visit Haight-Ashbury, and hopefully get a cruffin at Mr. Holmes.

Thank you for sticking around if you made it to the last picture!

All photos were shot with Olympus PEN E-PL7

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