Bag Talk: Gucci Dionysus (Review)

5:00 PM

Today's bag talk is on the Gucci 'Dionysus', one of the many bags we've been seeing within the year. It's been awhile since I've done a bag review, but here it is! 
Let me start off by saying how annoying it is to have to switch wallets in order for it to fit into a bag. I don't like switching wallets because I always end up leaving something important (that I don't think it is) in my other wallet. Unfortunately, my Dionysus is one of those few bags I don't like using for that exact reason. The bag is structured and flat and has a pin closure, which means you shouldn't put anything too bulky or else the bag won't close. And in this case, my wallet was the bulky item. You're also going to want to set aside bulky sunglasses (and don't bring the case) and portable chargers. What will fit are things like makeup, notebooks, or even an iPad (except it can get a little heavy).

The chain strap can be easily pulled into a top handle (double strap) or leave it as a single strap to wear on the shoulder.

The Dionysus comes in three different sizes:
  • The one I have is the regular/medium size; $2,250.
    • The interior is cut into thirds with a middle zipper compartment. There is also another compartment underneath the suede flap and an exterior pouch on the backside as well. 
  • The next size down is also a shoulder bag, but a smaller version; $2,100.
    • The smaller version contains the same features as the medium, but the whole bag is cut down by an inch (length and height; width is cut down by half an inch). 
  • There is also a baby Dionysus; $1,550.
    • This size is more comparable to the Chanel Extra Mini Flap than the Céline Nano Luggage Tote. Again, because the bag is structured, you can only fit so much. Moreover, the suede sides are accordion-like, which already takes up some space. Here's a photo from the Gucci website to better illustrate that point:
      What I do like about the mini version is the strap. Not only can the strap be used as a shoulder strap or a top handle, it can also be used as a crossbody strap.   
I had originally wanted the smaller version but it sold out! I was so obsessed with the style at the time that I decided to settle for the medium. I suggest getting the smaller version if you want to use it more often.

Above, I'm wearing the Dionysus crossbody (and also the same outfit I wore to Nike's prelaunch event). The straps are definitely too short for most people to be used as a crossbody. It's definitely uncomfortable and the chains do dig into the shoulder but it works for me. Also because I have a smaller frame so it's not as awkward on me. Plus, short crossbody bags are in style right now (ok, maybe not this short)! If only the straps were just a little longer. Chanel shoulder bags actually have the perfect strap length; if you didn't know, most Chanel shoulder bags can be worn as a short crossbody (which I do often with my French Riviera). 

You can also see me wearing my Dionysus in one of my outfit posts here. Or you can check here to see how Sarah Tripp of Sassy Red Lipstick styles the smaller Dionysus in the canvas print with pink suede details (she does pink and cheetah print the best!). 

The Dionysus comes in all sorts of color–you can stick with the classic canvas and choose a different color for the suede details or go with something fun, like the ones with embroidery.

I hope this review was informative to help you make your decision if you're looking into the Dionysus!

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