Holiday Gift Guide

3:10 AM

Here's my first holiday gift guide on missjesf! With Black Friday just around the corner and so many sales going on, this guide will hopefully give you a better idea and a kickstart on what to gift this holiday season.
Image Map Here's a run-through on why I think these make the perfect gift:

  • Coffee table books
    • Don't underestimate coffee table books because they are expensive. Not everyone is willing to spend so much on a book for decor, which is why they make great gifts!
  • Lip sets
    • Whether you use makeup or not, a lipstick is usually the one makeup product people tend to use. My favorite place to get lip sets is Sephora. Sephora has a great variety at different price points. 
  • Watches
    • Watches are one of my favorite things to gift just because they're an accessory that's similar to jewelry but doesn't have as much sentimental value. And when I say watches, I'm including the Apple watches and Fitbits. 
  • Small accessories
    • Small accessories are pretty self-explanatory–I'm talking about the wallets, key chains, phone cases, items alike!
  • Polaroid cameras
    • We're so use to taking pictures with our phones nowadays that these throwback devices help change it up a little bit. 
  • Sunglasses
    • Everyone appreciates a pair of sunglasses. Nordstrom offers a variety from classic styles to trendy styles  and they're all under $100!
  • Sneakers
    • I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that everyone at one point wears sneakers. Sneakers are probably one of the easiest gifts too just because there's so many options out there for every style and occasion. 
  • Pajama sets
    • Pajama sets make a fun gift, especially if you pick out quirky designs!
The key here is to pick out something you know they wouldn't get for themselves. This is how gifts become meaningful. You can also build your own gift set–put together fun knick knacks to highlight a moment you shared with each other to make it a one-of-a-kind gift. Stay away from gift cards (unless that's what they asked for) and try to at least put some thought into picking out something meaningful. Perfume sets and candles are something I tend to stay away from too unless you know their signature scent. Picking out the right scent is extremely tricky.

Hope this guide was helpful if you're torn between choices. Feel free to leave a comment below if you are.

Happy Thanksgiving and have a safe Black Friday!

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