November Favorites + I'M ON FACEBOOK

8:02 PM

 Here's a quick roundup for the month of November!
  • Capture Your Style
    • If you're on Instagram and you take a lot of #ootds, then go get yourself a copy of Aimee Song's Capture Your Style. Ever since I got it, I couldn't put it down. This book is all of the above–inspiring, relatable, authentic, and captivating. Seriously, this book is everything if you want to step up your Instagram game. 
  • Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer
    • Dyson's newest invention is a GAME CHANGER. I have never been able to get my thick hair to 80% dry under five minutes. FIVE MINUTES. Even when I upgraded my Revlon blow dryer to a $80 T3, it still took at least 20 minutes. One thing I will say is that it's not necessarily quiet. It's just as loud as any hair dryers but the difference is that the loudness isn't coming from the motor. The loudness is coming from the strong, powerful winds (the same sound when you dry your hands under those hand dryers). 
Timed the second time I used my dyson–Can you believe it only took less than five minutes?!
  • Hourglass Foundation Stick
    • This foundation stick has been helpful in concealing my dark spots/old acne scars. I use this on top of my foundation and only on areas that need a little bit more coverage. I prefer using this over concealer because the consistency isn't as thick. 
  • Woman by Common Projects 'Tournament' High
    • Common Projects is one of my favorite sneaker brands. I love the clean, simple design along with the gold stamp detail on the sides. When I first got these a year ago, they were suuuuper narrow but I've finally broken them in and have not taken them off since. I even wore them to work for a 7-hour shift and experienced absolutely no pain. 
  • Cartier LOVE Bracelet
    • Yes, I did take the plunge and splurged big on the Cartier LOVE bracelet. The LOVE bracelet has been on my wishlist for quite some time now and since I've never been a jewelry person, this is the one piece of jewelry I'll ever need. Definitely broke my bank account, but NO RAGRETS.

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