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Maintaining white teeth has always been a challenge for me considering coffee is a MUST in my system. One cup. Two cups. Sometimes even THREE cups! But with Smile Brilliant, maintaining white teeth has become a simple task and even easy to incorporate to your nighttime routine.

Smile Brilliant has introduced me to a new way of whitening my teeth and has allowed me to experience professional teeth whitening at home. Not only are the results impressive, but the treatment is also customizable to your teeth sensitivity (isn't that what we're always trying to avoid when we're whitening our teeth?!). You can learn more about Smile Brilliant HERE.

The instruction guide is easy to follow which makes the overall whitening treatment simple and convenient. I'm serious when I say whitening my teeth has gotten a lot easier!

What each kit includes:

  • Whitening gel
  • Desensitizing gel: 
    • This is your new best friend throughout your treatment in order to minimize teeth sensitivity–use it BEFORE and AFTER the whitening gel.
  • Custom trays:
    • Your kit will include the materials to make your impressions.
  • A free shipping label:
    • To mail in your impressions!

Click here to watch a demo video by @danimasutti or watch below:

What I like most about Smile Brilliant's whitening system as oppose to other whitening treatments:
  • Your very own whitening trays:
    • Having your own customized trays makes this whole treatment very personalized, as if you were going to the dentist for a teeth whitening session. Moreover, the customized trays will make the treatment extremely comfortable, so you won't even know you're whitening your teeth when you pop them on! 
  • The gels are in syringe-form
    • This is a plus because you control how much product to use each time–this is great for those who often experience sensitivity. Obviously, it may take a couple more treatments before you see the results you're looking for, but it makes your whole experience a lot better. Moreover, you don't have to repurchase gels as often when you have control on how much product you use. Each syringe has a cap so the product can be reused for the next treatment.

Here are some tips if you are experiencing sensitivity or discomfort:
  • Prep your gums by using the desensitizing gel for 30 minutes the day before you whiten.
  • Coat your gums with Vaseline or coconut oil just because sometimes the whitening gel can overflow out of the tray and get on your gums and that can cause sensitivity.
  • Or click here if you would like to learn more about tooth sensitivity. 

Like what you see? We are hosting a giveaway so you can enter for a chance to win your own kit! The giveaway will be opened for two weeks. Once the winner is chosen, we will contact you through email. Click here to enter the giveaway!

You can also receive 5% off with the promo code 'MISSJESF'.

This post is in collaboration with Smile Brilliance. All opinions are my own based on my experience with this product.
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