What's in my Balenciaga City

11:31 PM

The Balenciaga 'City' has been my go-to top handle bag for the past weeks and probably one of my favorite black everyday bags. I got my City back in 2012 and have always forgotten how great this one is. I have it in the Arena leather, which is a soft lambskin but with a crackled, shiny texture. I used to always regret getting it in the regular hardware, but now I'm glad I did. I love how the subtle shade in the hardware blends in nicely with the black so that it makes this bag versatile for all types of outfits. 

As I share with you what I have in my City bag, you're going to be surprised at how much it can fit!
  1. Wallet
    • If I'm carrying a purse that day then I won't be using a cardholder because cardholders are so small that I'm always afraid of losing it. With that being said, this bag will fit all sizes of wallets–great for those of you who have a long, stuffed wallet!
  2. Lip balm/lipstick
    • There's also an interior zip pocket that can keep your lippies away from everything else allowing you to grab them quickly. 
  3. Makeup bag aka emergency kit
    • I always have a makeup bag with me, but I hardly ever carry any makeup products in it aside from lip products. I usually put bandaids, blotting sheets, pocket tissues, a compact mirror, etc. Sometimes hair ties and bobby pins if I remember to restock. A makeup bag is a great pouch to store these tiny essentials. 
  4. Camera
    • In case you're traveling with a City or if you just want to capture some moments when you come across something that inspires you throughout the day. 
  5. Battery pack
    • A must when you're frequently on Instagram and/or Snapchat! 
  6. Sunglasses
    • This bag lets me bring along it's original case. I'm so use to miniature bags that I usually just bring a dust bag or hope the lenses won't get scratched up. 
  7. Planner/notebook/iPad
    • Only shows that the City can even be your work bag–its handles are sturdy enough to hold up heavy contents. I've seen students on campus stuff their Balenciaga's with their notebooks, etc. 
  8. Reusable bag
    • Super duper handy when the store you go to don't provide free bags or even when it suddenly starts raining (typical Seattle) to protect your leather purse. 
  9. Water bottle
    • S'Well bottles are my favorite reusable water bottles because not only do they look sleek and modern, but they also live up to their claims: keeping your drink cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. 
What's your favorite everyday bag and do you carry more or less than I do? 

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  1. I've been looking for a bag to use as an everyday work bag (that would carry all the items that you mentioned). I totally forgot about the Balenciaga city! My eye was on the Celine Belt but I honestly did not know that the Balenciaga could hold that much.