Nordstrom Designer Event: Season/Shift

5:00 PM

Last night I got the opportunity to attend the Fall 2017 Nordstrom Designer Event: Season/Shift. We got to preview the upcoming trends and designer collections for the Fall and we're seeing a lot of long-sleeved minidresses paired with thigh high boots! As a designer junkie, seeing all the pieces and being able to feel them and admire the craftsmanship gave me the butterflies. This year, instead of doing a traditional runway presentation, Nordstrom experimented with a new concept that made the event more fun and engaging. The collections were showcased in various acts and during those acts the models would not only pose in their outfits, but would also interact with each other and the guests–you can see the models in action in some of the photos I shared. 

Nordstrom did an amazing job showcasing the collections through the new concept while combining fashion and architecture. We got to enjoy the presentation along with the ambiance and each other's company. The event was fresh and inspiring. I hope you were able to sense all those vibes through the photos I captured. Thank you Nordstrom for having us and letting us be a part of this experience!

If you are in the Seattle area, you can now view and purchase all these pieces at the Downtown Seattle Nordstrom.

All photos were shot with iPhone 7 Plus

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